Design-led, organic sleepwear and loungewear

We're devoted to creating sleepwear and loungewear products that look great and feel great too.

Products made with environmentally sensitive fabrics and ethically produced out of Portugal by a specialist manufacturer with more than 40 years of sleepwear experience.

We 'make to last' and take great pride in seeing some of our kids pyjamas being passed down to younger brothers or sisters once outgrown!


Made with passion: our commitment to ethical production

Our factory is based in the beautiful Portuguese countryside outside the town of Guimares, a UNESCO World Heritage site and centre of Portuguese manufacturing industry. 

The second- generation family owned factory we partner with have close ties to mills and printers in the surrounding area and have been making beautiful clothing and sleepwear for decades!

Their expertise and craftsmanship is unparalleled. Even more importantly everyone is paid well and treated like family (which they often are).

Designed for style. Made to last.

For us, form really must follow function; our designs play close attention to the distinct physical needs of the wearer. For example the signature SLIM JYMS pyjamas are designed to be slim fitting so that they don't 'ride up' at night leaving little ones with cold patches. While the MONTY SLEEPSUIT avoids the baggy excessive fabric so common in sleepsuit designs today, making the first tentative first crawls, steps and runs much easier.

Sleep with peace of mind : super-soft fabrics, no chemical treatments, using organic cotton

We've been using organic cotton fabric for most of our products since 2016. It's the softest we can possibly source and there is definitely no trade-off in terms of organic not being as wwonderful next to the skin!  And we take care to avoid  any harsh chemical treatments that may irriate young and sensitive skin.

Good for our skin. Better for the environment.

The high quality and oganic fabrics we carefully select, combined with equally high-end production quality, means all our products are 'built to last'. This has real environmental benefits with our products, especially children's sleepwear, frequently being passed on to siblings after they've been outgrown.

Such sustainable fashion and clothing is critical to help address the environmental challenges we know are facing the planet today.


Alienor Falconer | Founder & Creative Director

THE BRIGHT COMPANY was founded in London in 2013 by Alienor Falconer— a British-based designer and product developer who graduated from London College of Fashion. Prior to TBC Alienor worked in the fashion industry, most recently as a lead Product Developer at Paul Smith. Alienor has a passion for ethical and sustainable design. Her passion descends into all her design work and every aspect of a product is very carefully considered to ensure it is truly a worthy product. A serial maker and tinkerer, in her spare time Alienor enjoys working on renovating and old farmhouse as the family home, and more recently has discovered a love of tending her fruit and veg garden!